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You can only change the world if you can make an impact

As a startup, you need impact to help create a better, healthier, more beautiful planet. And you cannot create impact without launching a product. Because launching and selling product and services helps your startup generate the profits that fuels the impact.

With True Story Company, I help MedTech and HealthTech startups launch their product. It allows me to use my passion for innovation, investing and marketing to help the companies that future-proof our healthcare. And by doing so, I create a positive impact too.

About True Story Company

True Story Company was founded in 2019 by Dirkjan Hupkes. After working in financial services for more than 20 years, I wanted to use all the knowledge and skills to improve the world and pay it forward to society.

My journey started in 2012 when my girlfriend got cancer. I discovered how good care can help people and what is needed for that. At the same time, I also found out that the care my girlfriend needed wasn’t scalable. And during the past pandemic, we saw what that leads to.

I believe that technology and innovation can help us scale and futureproof healthcare. And I know that looking at a problem from a different lens can lead to surprisingly good solutions.

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How I help you launch your product

Since 2020, I have helped two MedTech startups launch their products and two more to grow their audience. 

I do this using a three-step approach that ensures that the riskiest assumptions in your go-to-market strategy are tested first based on KPIs that we set together. Once the results of these tests are positive, we continue to build the platform that is needed to launch your product. Only when this work is finalized, we start the launch process.

I do this to de-risk the launch process and to give you the flexibility to change your plans. It also means that you don’t waste money on non-value-added activities.

But in the end, the launch is done with a team of people. That team needs to perform at its peak. And I believe that the only way for a team to perform at its best is to have a good plan, open and honest discussions about how to execute it and a lot of fun.

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