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The Project that helpsstartups go-to-market

Project Launch helps your HealthTech or MedTech startup bring your product to market. Our dedicated digital marketing team takes care of your product launch marketing so you can focus on improving healthcare.

Project Launch by True Story Company

How does it work?

Testing the feasibility of a go-to-market
  • Ensuring the launch strategy will work, building the launch platform
  • Building the launch capabilities to get ready, launching your product
  • Finalizing your go-to-market

Project Launch gives you control, focus, and growth.



Project Launch is a controlled launch project in three well-defined stages.

The progress reports and predefined go/no go moments tell you where you are at any point, and help you manage the progress.



Our full service approach takes the hassle out of product launch marketing and helps you focus on what you’re good at: creating the best possible product.

We take care of the marketing while you focus on building the business.



Successfully launching a product means learning from your experiences.

Project Launch ensures that you capture the learnings you need to grow your startup after the launch.

The result: sales, customers, income, confidence, and growth that allow you to continue your startup journey towards impact.

Are you ready to launch?

A go-to-market is a complex and costly adventure with lots of risks and problems. So, before you start, we recommend that you test if you’re ready. 

That is why we offer a free Mission Readiness Assessment. This is a 360-degree scan of your go-to-market strategy that covers your product, your team, and your startup.


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