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Do you know where to start your launch?

With our product launch services, we help your startup build and execute a solid go-to-market strategy. That’s a small step towards better healthcare.

For a startup, a successful product launch is not an end but a beginning. It is much more than just putting a product in the market. Finding product-market fit is the moment that real impact on your customers’ lives begins. However, …

Launching a product is not easy

45 %

of product launches fail.

Product launches and go-to-markets fail because the product does not solve a valid customer problem.

45 %

of products launched fail to generate income for the company

If your product launch fails to generate income, chances of your startup reaching product-market fit are slim to none.

38 %

of startups fail

Not reaching product-market fit is the number 1 reason for startups to go broke.

Even an innovative product is no guarantee for success.

Product Launch Strategies for success

Startups that successfully launch their product, do three things:
  1. They have a structured product launch strategy with clear timelines and deliverables
  2. They focus on what they’re good at and outsource the things they do not want to do.
  3. They grow their impact by continuously building up knowledge.

Product Launch Services

product launch services - Launch Strategy Call

Launch Strategy call

Verify if you’re on the right track during a 45-minute call.
Product Launch Services - Mission Readiness

Mission Readiness

Investigate the commercial feasibility of your launch.
Product Launch Services - Project Launch

Project Launch

Get full-service product launch marketing for your Medtech startup.

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